Who is Expressive Media?

Judy and Ellie

Expressive Media was founded in 1985 by drama therapist Ellie Irwin and art therapist Judy Rubin, each a pioneer in her field. Colleagues in Pittsburgh since the 1960s, their goal was to educate others to use the arts in treatment in an informed and sensitive way.

What are Expressive Arts Therapies?

The expressive arts therapies feature thoughtful, disciplined practice that incorporates creativity in all its forms for facilitating growth and healing. Arts therapists are specialists trained to help people to cope with life’s challenges and traumas through the power of the arts.

Why Films & Training?


Our mission is to promote the healing power of the arts by creating, collecting, and disseminating outstanding educational films, as well as clinical and historical footage. Live events provide leading-edge training for a community of students and professionals.

Featured Films from Our Film Library